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A World without Eden

A World Without Eden, Second EditionRichard has a new release – A World without Eden, published by Tate. In this book you can follow the gospel writer Luke as he meets people he mentions in his writings.  Richard brings to life the people that Luke encountered on his travels and give us some insights in to the world of the 1st century.  You can read more about this new book on the publishers site. Here is what Harold Shank, Old Testament scholar and President of OVU says:


 “Although Professor Trout writes for teenagers, I love the way he tells a story and keeps me in suspense. When Richard applied this incredible talent to the Luke’s story, I applauded. Through his eyes, I see connections and insights in the third Gospel that I’d never noticed before. It also made me realize that Richard writes for all of us, no matter what the age.

Back in 1904 Hurburt’s “Story of the Bible” retold the classic Biblical tales for young readers. Then came Cecil B Demille with his “Ten Commandments” (1923) recasting the Exodus story onto the big screen. Now the well-loved writer of mystery books for teens, Richard Trout, applies his significant skills to the story Luke tells about Jesus. Like Hurburt and Demille, we get a fresh look into a treasured story.”


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